Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mystery Quilting

Like so many other quilters, I love mystery quilts. There seems to be two definite camps out there about mystery quilts. Some people never do them and don't like the idea of not knowing what the finished quilt will look like; their philosophy is, "Why put perfectly good fabric (and time) into something that may not turn out to be something I like?" The other camp loves mysteries and enjoys the challenge of making something on blind faith. I am one of the ones who loves the surprise of a not knowing how the finished product will turn out. Sure, I have made a few I didn't like that well, but those can always be donated to a favorite charity or gifted to someone else who loves it. It's pretty exciting for me to see how so many quilters can turn out the same finished quilt top and have them look so different because of the different fabrics they started out with.
Two mysteries that I have been working on this month are the Christmas Eve Mystery from pocketfullofmysteries and the Double Delight Mystery from Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville. It's been a slow-go this month, and I still haven't got finished tops, but I'm still plugging away at it. I'm hoping to get both finished as soon as possible so I don't have to add them to my UFO list!

Here's a pic of the fabrics for the Christmas Eve mystery:

And, here's a pic of the fabrics for the Double Delight:

I will have more pictures (hopefully soon) to post on my progress. The Double Delight quilt is turning out to be really time consuming with lots of little pieces, but I think that once I get steps one and two completed and the patches all trimmed and squared up, things should start progressing nicely.

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