Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Another Finish (and Just in Time!)

I got Serenity's quilt finished in time for her first birthday. It was two weeks ago, but I'm having compound problems posting pics that I've taken with my smart(?) phone. Maybe the phone's too smart for me! All I want to do is send a pic from the phone directly to my blog. Since the phone's platform is Android and blogger is a google software, it should work. And, it probably does, if I could just figure it out. For the past two weeks, I've been sending pix out into cyberspace somewhere. To top it off, my phone is showing a message on the notifications screen that it's waiting to retry sending the selected pix. I finally did it the old-fashioned way and sent these to a folder on the computer:

Here's the story on this quilt. At the baby shower (Feb. 2012, I think) all the guests were given a square of fabric and some markers to create a square for a memory quilt. I should have gotten it finished sooner, but I got frustrated because some of the guests had written and drawn close to the edge -- which I needed for a seam allowance; also the fabric wasn't 100% cotton, so the few squares that I attempted to heat set (to make them color fast) started shriveling up on the edges. On top of all that, the obstetrician induced labor a couple of weeks earlier so no way was I getting it done by the time she was born. I basically decided it would make a good first birthday gift instead.

So, if you know an easy way to send a pic from your phone to your blog, will you please leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Fantastic finish on the quilt...funny because I just got a little parcel from a friend in the States and she went me a piece of fabric with owls on it...then I clicked on your blog and that fabric is the same as your owls on the border.
    Hugs Khris