Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April BOM #2

How about another Block of the Month for April? In the post for the first April block, I had suggested playing around with the colors on the Cain and Abel block to see what other combinations might appeal to you. I was looking through the blocks on Quilterscache, and it looks like someone else had the same idea way back in time and came up with a block called The Wishing Ring. (Click on the Quilterscache link to get the instructions.)
All the patches, as well as how they're arranged, are the same as the Cain and Abel block, just the arrangement of color is different......hmmm, wonder how many other looks you could get from this idea?
Hope you have fun with this one!

Monday, April 6, 2009

April Block of the Month

Okay, here I am, running late on the April block of the month. I had actually chosen a block for April some time ago, and then I promptly forgot about it. Yesterday morning in church, Pastor had a reference to Cain and Abel in his sermon, and I felt my short-term memory click into place. The block for April is a traditional one (instructions from Quilterscache) called Cain and Abel. It's another 10" block and I took a pic of the pieces laid out before I started sewing.

You can maybe tell from my patches that I didn't exactly follow the directions in the link. Since I was in a hurry to get the block done, I cut 2.5" strips of everything and used my easy angle ruler to cut the triangles. That's the way I most often make half-square triangles, so that's the fastest way for me. Here's a pic showing how I pressed each row after sewing the pieces together:

I'm a big advocate in putting a little thought into pressing because I like the block intersections to snug up against each other when I sew the rows together (seams going in opposing directions).

If you are making this one, you might want to play with the colors. I had originally made different choices on the colors, but after laying the individual patches out to see how it looked, I changed my mind and this is how the block ended up:

Please feel free to leave a comment, and if you make the block, I'd love to see a picture!