Tuesday, January 31, 2023

To-Do-List Tuesday 1-31-23

Rain and more rain....this time with cooler temperatures. I had turned the a/c on Sunday evening as it was damp and humid (and warm) in the house; then I woke up Monday to cold weather. It is perfect weather to stay inside and sew. I made so-so progress on my to-do list:

1) Inner and outer borders for Cheaper by the Dozen. Once again, I did nothing on this one.
2) Finish the pinwheels for the border workshop. Yes! Although, I decided to increase the size of one of the borders, so I had to make four more during the workshop.

3) Two day workshop on borders--Thursday and Friday. I completed the workshop; now to complete the quilt.

4) Bind keyhole quilt. Almost...i was on-track to get this done yesterday when I realized I hadn't sewn a label into the binding. Unfortunately, I didn't have my 2023 labels with me, so it didn't get finished. Maybe today.
5) Borders for Two Step quilt. Another almost. I got the inner borders done, and got the outer borders cut, but that's as far as I got. 

All in all, it's not bad considering I spent two days at a workshop, and most days my back was bothering me enough that I couldn't do much for extended periods of time.

I obviously have some things to finish this week. The other issue is that I am really itching to start something new, so I'll see how long I can resist. Here's the list:

1) Put borders on the Cheaper by the Dozen quilt.
2) Finish the borders on the Two-Step quilt.
3) Add a label and finish binding on keyhole quilt.
4) Work on borders quilt.
5) Three customer quilts

I will need to be at church this morning; we are cleaning out some storage areas. You know how it is when there are people who have problems throwing things away. I think we can make pretty good progress on that and should be finished around noon. If we can finish that early, I will go to the shop and see what I can get done there. Have a good week. I am linking to Quilt Schmilt.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Lazy Weekend

I’m really not lazy—but I felt like I was over the weekend. I sat around a lot, and didn’t get much done. We had a potluck after church yesterday, and I did have to make something. I made a chicken, bacon, ranch pasta.

It is always good. The recipe is here. It makes a lot, but I sent part of the leftovers home with a friend, so I won’t have to eat it for days. We also had a mutual ministry meeting after church, and I was tired when I got home. I took a short nap, and thought that it would recharge me, but I was still lacking motivation.

I had plans to work on my to-do list, and took out the two-step quilt. When I took a picture of the top last week, I noticed a mistake.

Photos are a great way to see more detail than you will notice the naked eye. The mistake is here:

I sewed that block wrong. I didn’t really feel like fixing it, but it was at the end of the row, so not as much trouble as it could have been if it was in the middle. I fixed it, and started adding the inner border, but my back started hurting (no surprise), so I didn’t get finished. I hope to get it done tomorrow. 

It has been raining off and on for the last week, and the dogs have totally tracked up the floors. I vacuum daily, but I will need to mop soon. I am trying to wait until the weather dries up as it would be a total waste of time right now, but it is driving me crazy so we will see how it goes.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

More Borders

Yesterday was the second and final day of the borders workshop. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get more done, but nobody else really got any farther than I did….although I left at 2pm because my back was hurting, and I don’t know how long some of the others may have stayed. This step took forever:

I got so confused at some point. That is partly my fault. I changed some of the sizes to make it look the way I wanted it to look, and then the directions didn’t really make sense. I did get the first pieced border put on.
The next one is a floating border, and then flying geese. The floating border is really just a spacer…..I increased the width of the pale aqua one, and then I had to add an extra square on each side of the last border. As a reminder, here is the instructor’s:

I am trying to see if we can get the same instructor back next year to do another workshop. I talked to her a little bit about it, and she has several lectures, and a workshop on a lone star table runner. I am in charge of scheduling the programs next year, and I am hoping to get it done with a minimum of complaints. Some members are already asking for out-of-state teachers, and I’m not sure our budget can support the expenses. I will bring it up at the next board meeting and see what happens. My thought is that if someone wants a nationally recognized teacher, then that guild member should also do a program/workshop themselves. That would balance the cost. That will also go over like a lead balloon. LOL. What’s the saying? You can’t please everyone, but pissing everyone off is a snap. 

And what’s on the agenda for today? Well, my machine is still in the back of the car, so I will need to get it unloaded. It lives at my shop, and I have some projects I need to work on there. It would be good if I can load Marilyn’s quilt and get it quilted plus maybe make some binding for my keyhole quilt. I need to carve out some time to work on the borders quilt as well, so it doesn’t become another UFO.

Friday, January 27, 2023

Workshop Progress

I’m sorry to say I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped. This is where is was when we left:

I brought some pieces home to try and get semi caught up, but my back is hurting so much, all I have done is sit on the sofa. We’ll see if I can catch up or not. Lord knows I don’t t need another UFO. Winnie showed us some examples of quilts she has done with pieced borders.

These are just a few of many she brought. I hope to do better today, but it rally depends on how much my back will allow me to do. I also don’t like leaving the dogs crated for too long. 

Other news: there is a banana car in Victoria. 

The first picture is Port Lavaca (my home town); the second is Victoria. Apparently, the rides are available for a donation. I’m not sure what that means exactly, but I wouldn’t mind riding around in this car. A

Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Struggle Is Real

I am in pain! I went to yoga Tuesday (after a two month hiatus from the gym), and boy were my muscles tight. I kept leaning into the positions to get a really good stretch, and I think I pulled a muscle in my lower back. I knew I was in trouble by the time I got home as I was having trouble sitting and standing. I tried soaking in a hot bath but couldn’t seem to get better. I went yesterday and bought one of these: 

It helps….I can at least move around. My thighs are also sore, but they will recover soon.

Once I got the tens unit stuck onto my back, I was able to finish some things. I got the binding done on this one:

It is an embroidered piece…..I don’t know if it was intended to be a quilt or a table cloth. The lady that brought it thought it was done either by her husband’s mother or grandmother. She also brought some 100% poly batting for me to use. I don’t often use the poly, but I do think it makes for a nice texture.

I have the guild workshop today and tomorrow. I got my prework done except for some of the cutting which I can do as needed.

I need 36 of the pinwheels, and I am only counting 35. I can get another made this morning and get a couple of extra bobbins wound, and I will be good to go.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

To-Do-List Tuesday 1-24-23

It's Tuesday! It seems like it got here awfully early this week. How did I do on last week's list?

1) Put inner and outer borders on the quilt formerly known as Cheaper by the Dozen. I never did have time to work on this one. 
2) Get the other two rows added to the Two Step top. I had some spare time Sunday afternoon to work on this one.

3) Make some progress on my APQS UFO goals for January. I got completely done with my piecing goal
and the quilting from my quilting list is done, but needs a binding.

4) Get the prework done for the Border Workshop the guild is having next week. I have the the center block done, and I think I've made 19 of the 36 pinwheels. I also precut some of the borders.
5) Get three more customer quilts done. I got the two umbrella girl quilts done--pictures here, and the third one was a sample for the quilt shop which I returned last week without taking a picture. Next time I go in there, I will photograph it.

I guess last week's list sort of sets the agenda for this week. I need to continue with the things that didn't get done yet.

1) Inner and outer borders for Cheaper by the Dozen.
2) Finish the pinwheels for the border workshop.
3) Two day workshop on borders--Thursday and Friday.
4) Bind keyhole quilt.
5) Borders for Two Step quilt

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. I am really looking forward to a two-day workshop. I haven't had a sewing day outside my own area for a few months, and it will be fun to sew with other like-minded people. I am linking to Quilt Schmilt. Be sure and check out her To-Do-List Tuesday post to see what other quilters are working on.

Monday, January 23, 2023

Spring Promise Quilt Pattern

I saw a free quilt pattern that can be made from a jelly roll plus some background fabric. It’s called Spring Promise.
I like the soft colors they used—it would make a sweet baby quilt, and would be super quick and easy to make. The pattern is here

I had this picture saved to my photo files:
I should have put it in yesterday’s post when I wrote about the charity quilt that refused to lay flat. Ninety percent of the quilts I longarm for people are great. It’s the other ten percent that make me shake my head.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Weekend Progress

 Saturday was a busy day. It started with a basketball game.

It is the YMCA league, and this was their first game.....literally the first ever. I think they have had two practice sessions so far. Lots of double dribbling and lots of traveling, but they are still learning. 

After the game, I went the shop to get some things done. I had a charity quilt to do for a guild member which I quilted on Friday, and I wanted to get that off the frame and trimmed.

The dimensions are a little unusual. It also refused to lay flat. It was like wrestling a live animal, but I persevered and got it done. The backing is more of that lingerie stuff that was donated to the guild. I think this was the last of it.
It's like a tricot knit with a fuzzy side. It is a little hard to work with, but it does have a nice dimension once it is quiilted.

I got some binding made for a customer quilt....I still need to sew it on. I also checked my APQS UFO lists and decided to get the borders done on the Urban Jungle top.

I don't know why I put off doing the borders for so long......I really like making blocks, but I really don't like doing borders. This particular border fabric was directional, which meant it got put off even longer. It can go on the "tbq" pile now. While I was on a roll, I decided to load the keyhole quilt (also a APQS UFO goal), and get the quilting done.
The quilting got finished, but I still need to take it off the frame. I'm not really sure when I'll get the binding done.

Friday, January 20, 2023


I bought myself a present! I had been planning to order a collapsible wagon for some time to use when I need to transport my sewing machine and the accompanying supplies. This usually happens at quilt guild meetings when we have a workshop or a charity sew day. Imagine how excited I was when I found a pink one online at Target. I got it yesterday!

It’s so pretty, and it’s pretty big, and it folds up and fits in the back of my car.

I will get to use it next week. We have a border workshop next week, sponsored by my local guild. It is a two day workshop, and we were assigned pre work to do. Here’s a picture of the instructions:

Sorry for the quality—it’s a picture of a picture with my scribbling on it. We are supposed to precut quite a few pieces and piece the center square and the little pinwheels. I have gotten a start on it.

I have five pinwheels done….I need 36, so a few more to do. They are three inches. I cut a few when I have some spare time at the shop, then bring them home and sew them in the mornings.

Here’s some good news. There is a quilting cruise in June leaving from Galveston that doesn’t cost a lot, and I am officially registered to go. There are no instructors or kits like previous ones I have gone on. It’s more like a retreat where you bring your own machine and projects. I am trying to find out if I can take my wagon to haul the machine and supplies. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Two Done

 I got two more customer quilts quilted and trimmed.

Yes, they are the same block, just different sizes. The top one is so large I struggled to find a place to photograph it. It is too big to hang on my curtain rod, and this was the largest open floor space I have. It's 102" X 114".  

I had started the large one a couple of days ago and got sidetracked with something else, but I managed to get the quilting done Monday afternoon and then I loaded the smaller one and quilted it yesterday when we got finished with our sewing group at church. I think the texture on both of these is so great.

The quilt pattern is called Butterfly Dance.

I had brought some pieces from church to seam together so we would have larger sections for backings. I noticed this selvedge and have to wonder how old this is:

I have been sewing quite a few years and have never heard of this company. A lot of our fabrics are donated from elderly church members so we never know what we will find.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

To-Do-List Tuesday 1-17-23

Wow, another week! I am still having to remind myself to type 2023 instead of 2022. If fact, I was making some notes for the quilt guild the other day and had to stop and think about what year it is. I wasn't sure if the last year was 2022 or 2021. In spite of my faulty memory, I have made some progress on my list.

Here's my last week's list:

1) Work on the Cheaper by the Dozen project that I started last week. I pretty much re-worked this one. You can read about it here. I probably need to come up with a different name for it since I am no longer using the Cheaper by the Dozen pattern. Here's some progress so far:

2) Work on the Two Step jelly roll project. Progress on this one too! I have six of the eight rows put on and have started to think about the borders.

3) Bind a customer quilt and get three more quilted. Yes and yes. 

4) Clean up the workroom at my shop. LOL. I had intentions of doing this over the Christmas break but found too many cool things to work on so it is past due. I may or may not get this one done. I didn't do it. I did buy a little roll-around drawer to help with the organization, but that was it. This needs to go on the back burner until I can find some time to work on it.

So, what's the plan for this week? 

1) Put inner and outer borders on the quilt formerly known as Cheaper by the Dozen.
2) Get the other two rows added to the Two Step top.
3) Make some progress on my APQS UFO goals for January.
4) Get the prework done for the Border Workshop the guild is having next week.
5) Get three more customer quilts done.

That's a lot, but not all of it has to be done. The prework for the guild workshop and the customer quilts, of course, will take priority. The other three things I can use to fill in any free time I have.

I wish everyone a happy, productive week filled with all the things that make you smile. I am linking to Quilt Schmilt.

Sunday, January 15, 2023


I got some work done on some customer quilts this last week. This one was from one of the three-yard quilt books.

She didn’t have a preference on the quilt pattern or thread color. I had a hard time deciding on the thread, and was tempted to use red, but decided on light blue. I think it was the right choice. For the quilt design, I used one called Lucky Clover, which generally works well. I loaded another for the same customer once this one was finished. It is an appliqu├ęd umbrella girl.

Isn’t it cute? I like these old-fashioned patterns. This one is large—102” x 114”. There is another just like it only smaller. I should have both finished soon.

I didn’t do a lot yesterday. My mom wanted me to go see a movie with her—we saw “A Man Called Otto”. Although the advertisements portray it as a light comedy, a feel-good movie, I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who is still grieving the loss of a spouse. It was not a comedy, and it was, in fact, dark and depressing. The rest of the day was pretty much a waste for me. I think today will be better.

Friday, January 13, 2023

Rainbow Scrap Challenge and Stashbusters

So much for Friday the 13th. I had already had my bad luck for the week. I had some kind of stomach bug with all the great things that accompany that sort of thing. In the meantime…..

I have some serious FOMO, and I tend to jump headfirst into all the new things. That’s one of the reasons I create so many UFO’s. I think I am getting better….I haven’t done any mystery quilts or BOM’s or swaps for a couple of years, even though I have been tempted. Last year, I started the Stashbusters challenge (Facebook group) and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. By about February or March, I had moved back to Victoria, totally misplaced a lot of things, and completely fizzled out on both challenges. 

I had an inspiration this year and decided I could combine both of these challenges into one project. The Stashbuster block for 2023 is the Northwinds block.

The RSC color for January is dark or bright blue. I can make my Northwinds blocks each month in the RSC color way and accomplish both things with less effort and maybe have a finished (or finishable) quilt by the end of the year. Here is what I did for January:
I made the six-inch ones. It was really interesting how long it took because for a while I have been doing fast and easy and nothing too small. I am out of practice with the smaller piecing and had to slow down a little bit. It’s okay though. I did a little prep work and cut quite a few strips from the background color. That can stay constant through the whole process, and that way, it won’t require any thought or digging through the stash looking for suitable background fabric. I am linking to SoScrappy.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Cheaper by the Dozen Quilt

I was planning to use a couple of the fat quarter bundles I was gifted to make an oldie but a goodie.

The problem I’m having with the fat quarters is there are only five different prints, so lots of repeats. I did manage to find a half yard in my stash that coordinates pretty well, and I added that in.
The one I added in is the one on the top left.

Once I got a few blocks sewn, I started laying out the blocks.
Hmmmm….. I don’t like it. For the pattern to be effective, there really needs to be 12 different fat quarters. I also think it works better with more contrast. 

I went back to my stash and found some light pink I can use for sashing and tried the blocks that way. I think I will like this better:
This will take a little longer, but not too much, and it will be worth it. I still have plenty of these fat quarters. I think there were 32 total, and I have used 10.