Saturday, September 26, 2009

September Block of the Month x 2

Since I'm so late this month I did two blocks for September. The first is called Fool's Square, and the instructions are on Quilterscache.

I'm not crazy about the name, but I do like the block, If you look carefully, you might notice that I didn't make it exactly like the instructions. Note the outside centers on the instructions are made from a 6-1/2" rectangle with squares stitched diagonally to either side to form the triangles. I made the same piece with a 2-1/2" square and two half-square triangles. Either way is okay; it was just easier for me to do it the way I did.

The second block is Alpine Cross and although it uses basically the same pieces, they are arranged to give it a different look.

The only challenge with this one is that the four quadrants are mirror images so be sure and have a picture handy when you piece the block as it's easy to get the patches turned around.

That's it for today, but I promise I'll be posting more often. I've got lots of stuff to share.