Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quilt Film

I wanted to share a link to a short film that took traditional quilt block patterns and used computer graphics to tesselate the patterns. All mathematicians love tesselations so naturally I really enjoyed this one done with quilt blocks:

The film is done by the Canadian Film Council.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Why I Haven't Updated My Blog

I know I've let things go for a while. Maybe no news is good news? Actually I get my fill of computers on a daily basis at work. Sorry to use that four-letter word (w-o-r-k). Here's a picture of my desk at work

By the time I get home, I've had enough of staring into a screen. Not much sewing either--just some pretty mindless stuff and some hand work. I have reading some fiction though--something I don't normally take time for. When I was at the International Quilt Festival, Sandra Dallas was there autographing books, and I bought Maddie Spenser and got it autographed. I liked it so much, I started looking for more. So far, I've read The Persian Pickle Club and Alice's Tulips and am currently reading Prayers for Sale. I've liked them all, and although they're not specifically about quilting, all the main characters are quilters which makes things that much more interesting for me!

Until next time,