Monday, November 14, 2016

Moving Along

I have been making progress on these blocks:
Making blocks is fun, but figuring out how to put them together is the hard part. I still had lots of the 4" squares that were used to make the quilt, and I had used some to make little nine-patches so I had a head start on this:
Since I took the picture, I've added two more rows. Progress is good. I'm trying to think ahead to the border and at least get a plan so I don't get paralyzed at that step. If I have enough of the 4" squares left, maybe I can just sew them together into a border. If I don't have enough left, I'll have to figure out something else.
Here's a few pictures I took at the Houston Quilt Festival:

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Two More POTC Blocks

I have two more of the Patchwork of the Crosses blocks  done and several more cut out and ready to stitch. It's a good project for watching TV.

It's definitely not a fast process, but I'm enjoying it, and that's all that matters. 

I am still working on the never-ending job of cleaning out the sewing room, and I can finally say I'm making some progress. I have put everything together that goes together and am getting it all organized. I have found more and more projects that need to be completed, and now that I have all the blocks, patterns, etc. grouped together, I should be able to get some of them completed. I found a bunch of completed blocks and have all the parts and pieces together. I think I have enough of them done to get a quilt top together. I just need to figure out a sashing and border that's wide enough to make the most of the blocks I have done (about 42, I think). 

All the completed blocks.

I had better take a closer looks at the blocks; it looks like there's one in the pic that needs to be re-made. 

Tomorrow I am headed to Houston to the International Quilt Festival. It should be a fun day.