Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Binding Chicken

I have been working on some table runners for the Quilt show Sampler Store. I had three quilted and ready for binding. Imagine how happy I was when this happened:

That’s all that was left! Yay me! And then on the next one:

Not so lucky this time. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Charity Quilts

I got two more done.

I did a meander in red thread on both. I still need to get the binding done. I also quilted another QOV.
Janice is going to bind it. 

I have a couple more I need to do the binding on. I want to watch some YouTube videos on flanged binding and see if I can conquer that. I think I am ready for a new challenge. 

Today will be spent at the church helping make and tie lap quilts for the local dialysis centers. As a machine quilter, tied quilts really don’t excite me too much, but I am willing to serve wherever I am needed.

Monday, August 29, 2022

Weekend Update

It was a pretty uneventful weekend, which is not really a bad thing. I put binding on two customer quilts Saturday and cleaned up my workroom at the shop. I also finished up on my income tax stuff. I swear, I would rather get a root canal than have to do income tax, so off course, I put it off until the last available minute. I will deliver it to the CPA today and wait for the verdict. 

On Sunday, I walked the dogs, then church, then just mostly relaxed at home. I did get laundry done. I dried the sheets outside on the clothesline. Is there any better smell than sheets dried outside? I am pretty sure I am the only person in my neighborhood with a clothesline. I really don’t know that, but I think it could be true. 

I have been looking through some of my older quilt books to see if there are quilts I want to make. It seems like patterns I overlooked previously appeal to me now. This book was published in 2012 and I don’t remember ever making anything from it.

I looked through it several times and found myself drawn to a couple of the patterns. This one is really calling my name:
I like it, and I like the colors. I know I have a lot of aqua and a lot of olive green. I’m not sure about brown, but I will check and see what I have. In other words, I will cut my own 2.5” strips. I am determined to use up some of what I have in my stash. 

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Where’s Carolyn?

I’m still here—still quilting—just not posting. I have finished quite a few of my charity quilts.

These are going to Joseph’s Warriors. I like the way the striped binding came out on this one.
Karen did the binding on them in return for me quilting hers. I thought I had more pictures but maybe not. These quilts have all been turned in for distribution. Here’s a picture of the John Deere one before Karen put the binding on:
It is really cute, but I have to say, I am getting quite tired of the three yard patterns. I am thinking of an alternative using large pieces of novelty fabric with added borders on top and bottom. I have to try it and see how it works out.

School started early this year…around the 12th, I think, and that means sports started early as well. We have spent a couple of evenings at volleyball games. 

Kathryn is number 2. She’s one of two sophomores on the varsity team. We haven’t been to any out-of-town games; just the home ones. So far, they are undefeated, and I really enjoy watching them.

I will be back in the groove of posting soon, but I needed a break from blogging and from social media.

Monday, August 1, 2022

Monthly UFO Goals

August is here, and August is always such a busy month. American Patchwork and Quilting has chosen number six for this month’s goal.

I am working from two lists—projects that need to be quilted and projects I started piecing and haven’t finished. They range from almost finished to not completely cut out. Number six for quilting is Totally Tulips. I have a back for it and may even have binding strips cut, so it is doable.

My number six for piecing is my 1930’s jelly roll quilt. That is more on an on-going project, so I’m not sure why I put it on the list. I am going to substitute something else, and I think it needs to be getting those Christmas table runners done. That is more of a priority at this point. 

Unfortunately, neither of my July UFO’s got done, but I did finish the quilting on the June quilt.

It is off the frame now and needs to be trimmed, and of course, bound. I haven’t quite decided on the binding, although I may just use the leftover backing. I’ll know more about what I want to do once I get it trimmed.