Tuesday, July 9, 2024

To-Do-List Tuesday 7-9-24

Good morning Tuesday friends! Let me first say thank you to everyone who prayed for me. We got very little hurricane activity here—a little more wind than usual, but not much rain. It was worse north of us, but luckily, it stayed a weak category 1. We will see what the rest of the summer brings. 

As for my to-do list, I had mixed results. I lost some time due to hurricane prep and general lack of motivation, and here are the results.

1) Get income tax papers sorted out and ready to work on. Oh, I tried, I mainly made a lot of paper piles. I need to buckle down on this one.

2) Start on gift baskets for the silent auction at the quilt show and for Lutherfest. I spent way too long trying to figure out what I wanted to do, but I did start on this cookie baker basket.

I want to make potholders and maybe an oven mitt to put in the front. And then, I will wrap it in plastic and put a bow on it. That’s okay, it’s a start.
3) Quilt three more customer quilts. No, I did two.

4) Bind another customer quilt. Yes, and isn’t it pretty?

5) Work on Villa Rosa quilt. No, I didn’t touch it.
6) Work on pink and black polka dot quilt. I did a little, but nothing significant. 
7) More potholders and dish cloths. Yes.

I’m hoping I’ll have more energy and motivation this week. We have a reception at church today. Sandwiches and cold salads. I was going to bring potato salad, but I think others will bring that, so I made some cole slaw. I thought about buying a carton of it from the grocery store, but I resisted the temptation and went ahead and made it from scratch. It’s sitting in the refrigerator right now. That’s all I have planned for this week other than doing a tune up on the riding mower, so I should have time to work on my to-do’s. 

1) Income tax!
2) Quilt three customer quilts.
3) Finish June and July BOM’s.
4) Pink and black polka dot quilt.
5) Villa Rosa quilt.
6) Logging On quilt.

Hopefully my malaise will be gone, and I’ll be back to feeling somewhat energetic. I hope everyone has a great week with lots of productivity. I’m linking to Quilt Schmilt

Sunday, July 7, 2024

Hurricanes and Other Stuff

I was hoping we could avoid all the hurricane activity; especially since we got nothing last year, but here is the current tracker.

For reference, I live just to the left of the top H on the map. If it stays a Cat 1, we should be okay; if it sits in the gulf and gets stronger, who knows? I have lived on the gulf coast most of my life, the exception being 4 or 5 years in College Station, so it’s nothing new to me, but I don’t look forward to it. I typically don’t evacuate, but our utilities will be turned off if it get close to land which means it will be hot and humid. I will fill the bathtubs with water tomorrow so I have water to flush with and wash myself with. Sometimes I feel like moving, but all four of my grandchildren are here and my 83-year old mother. Oh well, maybe I should check on getting one of the whole-house generators. I have a regular generator, but I have no clue how to hook it up. I think Bill showed me, but I can’t remember. Please pray for me, if you are a prayer warrior, that i don’t get any damage. 

I did make it to the Farmers Market yesterday and bought some fresh veggies. 

The peppers, squash, potatoes, and tomatoes all came from there. I got the green beans from the grocery store. So, so, so good. No wonder I don’t ever lose weight! I like to cook and I like to eat! My neighbor brought me some pollo con calabasa (chicken with squash) she made which I will eat today. 

She puts corn in it, and it’s really good. She is a good cook.

Other than cooking, I have done a little sewing and quilting. I’ll try to post pix tomorrow. I spent most of yesterday running errands and working on the yard. 

I did get the sidewalks blown off after I took this pic. LOL.

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Day One Bags

My guild participates in the Day One Bags for foster children who are aging out of the foster care system. The primary goal (I think) is to give each child a nice piece of luggage so they don’t have to carry their belongings in a trash bag. Our local chapter also gifts graduating seniors a quilt, a gift card, and zipper pouches. The guild members donate quilts and zipper pouches. Here are some we donated:

If my memory is correct, we sent 23 quilts this year. Here’s the one I made:

The quilts were distributed at the end of May. I got this in the mail this week.
A thank you letter, with a key chain and a sticker. I put the sticker on my portable machine; the one I take to workshops and retreats. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

To-Do-List Tuesday 7-2-24

Yes, it's already July. It's time to get some things (like income tax) finished up and behind me. I would rather be at the sewing machine or even working in the yard than doing paperwork. It's my least favorite thing to do. Unfortunately, a certain amount of it is necessary. I am going to at least start getting all the tax papers together this week, then I will go back to my quilting to-do list. After that, I will get my sales tax records up to date. Yeah, right! 

Here's the result of last week's list:

1) Finish piecing polka dot quilt top. No, I only did one row.
2) Work on Villa Rosa quilt. Yes, I got a pretty good start on it.
The colors are much prettier in person—maybe I can edit my photo so they don’t look so washed out. 
3) Get some projects kitted up for Brontë Bee. Yes. 

And, I got the appliqué finished. The potholder still needs to be assembled and bound, but the tea towel is done. 
4) Quilt three customer quilts. Yes. 

5) Bind two customer quilts. One got done. 

6) Make some more potholders and/or dish cloths. Yes. 
And, here's my new list:
1) Get income tax papers sorted out and ready to work on.
2) Start on gift baskets for the silent auction at the quilt show and for Lutherfest.
3) Quilt three more customer quilts.
4) Bind another customer quilt.
5) Work on Villa Rosa quilt.
6) Work on pink and black polka dot quilt.
7) More potholders and dish cloths. 

That's probably enough to keep me busy. I have nothing planned for the week other than a movie date with my mom on Thursday. 

Have a good week my friends! I am linking this post to Quilt Schmilt

Sunday, June 30, 2024

A Little More

I got a little more done on Saturday after my two-day break. I got some potholders finished.

Here’s a question for you. Does anyone use those hanging loops? I put one on the Halloween one, but not on the other two. I personally don’t use the loops; I don’t hang up my potholders. I keep them in a basket on top of the microwave, and I know my mom keeps hers is a drawer by the stove. Adding the loop is an extra step, and I don’t mind doing it if it’s needed, but I’m not sure anyone still uses them. Let me know what you think.

I got the binding done on this quilt.

I actually quilted this one a couple of years ago, and she recently brought it back to get it bound. The interesting thing is that it been laundered, and it’s very crinkly now. I trimmed tons of thread off the edges before I could sew the binding on. I can’t imagine why she laundered it before it was bound, but I’m not sure if I should ask her or not. I’m curious, but it’s probably none of my business. 

I got a quilt quilted, but I won’t have pictures until it is trimmed. 

Today is the fifth Sunday of the month, and my church does a pot luck meal on the fifth Sunday. For us, everything is an excuse to celebrate, and all celebrations include food! I had some over-ripe bananas, so I made some banana nut bread. 

I had four brown bananas so I made two loaves.

I admit I sampled a piece. LOL. The all-important taste test.

Once I slice it all up and put the slices on a tray, no one will know the difference. My neighbor wants a zucchini walnut loaf, but I didn’t have the energy to do anything more. Maybe later this week I can make her one. Her son came over yesterday and mowed and edged my front yard. I told him it wasn’t necessary, but he said it was because I do things for them. Well, I don’t expect to be paid back, but I was glad to have my yard looking nice without having to sweat. 

Saturday, June 29, 2024

Workshop Progress

Wow, we had a really good workshop on the Matchless Star quilt pattern, and the best part is that I got my top done….i just need to add whatever borders I want to add. Here’s my version:

And here’s the pattern cover:

The pattern instructions have a narrow border, and then a sort of narrow bordet with pieced square in a square blocks in the middle, and then another narrow border. I don’t love a square quilt, so I will figure out something different for mine. Something that will make it rectangular. 

It was a smaller than usual group for the workshop: we had 15 people on Thursday, and 13 on Friday. I enjoyed the smaller group. We were able to chat more between tables, and there were more empty tables to lay out our work. 

Most of us brought our lunch on Thursday, and we ordered pizza on Friday.

I got some pictures of other ones that got their star finished. 

Aren’t these great? I think the best part of the workshops is getting to see how other people interpret the pattern, and how the different color combinations work together. It really opens my mind and makes me want to go home and experiment with other colors. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2024


It makes me feel so good when I can get a lot done with minimal issues. Yesterday was one of those days. I finished a customer quilt and loaded another.
Of course, it was small so it didn’t take long to quilt. After that, I got the binding made for the two quilts I need to bind. 

I also got a couple of things ready to take to Bronte Bee today. 

I just need to appliqué the “Texas’s” down. The top one will be a pot holder, and the bottom one is a tea towel. I will only need to take my machine, thread, and scissors. Maybe a seam ripper. Bronte Bee is a bi-monthly guild activity where we meet in the Brontë room at the library to work on projects for the quilt show. I think it actually started as a community outreach where people could show up and guild members would give basic sewing instructions, but that was before my time, so I’m not sure. 

I was too tired to do much in the evening, but I did vacuum up about ten pounds of dog hair. It’s a wonder to me they have any fur left on their bodies. I saw this ad on Facebook 
Six-week old Jagdterrier available for his forever home.

I was tempted for a minute until I vacuumed all the dog hair off my family room floor and decided I don’t need another dog. He sure is handsome, though, and there’s nothing better than a puppy.

To-Do-List Tuesday 6-25-24

Looks like June is almost over. July should be more productive for me since I will be at home the entire month. At least that's the plan. If I get an opportunity to go somewhere, I would probably take it! I did pretty well last week on my to-do list.

1) Make strip sets for guild workshop. Yes. 

2) Finish sorting scrap fabrics. Yes. I need to find a better place to store all the bins--right now I have some here and some there. I think there are nine total, and I would like to have them all together. I'm not sure how that's going to all work out.

3) Quilt two or three customer quilts. I wish. Only one got done, although I worked on multiple quilts. I had issues with threads, running out of thread and having to order more, and not having enough backing. Here's the one I finished.
Super bright and cheerful. I really like it!

4) A Quilting Life BOM. No. I made some of the pieces, but I never did get it put together. 

I have a busy week this week…..Brontë Bee on Wednesday afternoon, and a guild workshop Thursday and Friday. Oh, and Bunco on Thursday night. LOL. Of course my to-do list is getting longer. 

1) Finish piecing polka dot quilt top.
2) Work on Villa Rosa quilt.
3) Get some projects kitted up for Brontë Bee.
4) Quilt three customer quilts.
5) Bind two customer quilts.
6) Make some more potholders and/or dish cloths.

It would be wonderful if I can get all of this done. The good news: I am able to wear shoes
with insoles! I don’t know if it’s all in my head, but I feel so much less tired at the end of the day. 

Have a good week everyone! I am linking this post to Quilt Schmilt

Monday, June 24, 2024

Weekend Update

It was a good weekend! We got a little rain both Saturday and Sunday; not a lot, but enough to keep it from getting too hot. Of course the humidity was horrible, but I mostly stayed indoors. I was able to finish sorting through the scrap fabrics I was working on. While I was sorting, I found a ziploc with pink and black polka dot blocks. I laid them out to see how many were there and if I wanted to keep them or not. 

I found a decent sized piece of the pink and black to cut out some more squares. A couple of the pieced blocks were not the right sized, so I went through my stash and found some polka dot fabric. 

I made some nine patches and some double four patches.

The double four patches were fun—that may be an idea for next year’s rainbow scrap challenge. After I laid everything out (again), I realized I need two more. I’ll try and make two more of the double four patches today. Why is it that it is more fun to play with other people’s scraps than with your own? I need to cut some pink sashing, and I’ll have another free quilt. It will be square, and that’s not my favorite, but it will be okay. 

I had to go home a little earlier than I had planned because my feet were killing me. I usually wear shoes with insoles, but my sweet little grandson accidentally stepped on my foot with his soccer cleats. I have been wearing flip flops all week, and they don’t have enough support.

The swelling has gone down, but my big toe is still sore and discolored. I wore sandals to church Sunday, and I’m hoping I can wear some closed toe shoes today with my insoles.

My neighbor called Saturday and said she had thawed out a roast but her oven isn’t working. That’s where I come in. I told her I didn’t want to heat up my kitchen, but I would cook it in the Instant Pot if she was okay with that. I picked up the roast that evening along with some potatoes and carrots and cooked them Sunday afternoon. I kept enough for last night and tonight. 

I used the juice from the roast to make some gravy. Everything was good. I never fix roast because it is too much for just me, but this worked out pretty well. 

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