Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November Block of the Month

I got a BOM made for November--just one more to go to meet my goal of 20 blocks! I already have the sashing fabric picked, so I'm almost ready to start putting them together. I liked the block from Quilter's Cache called Home Circle because it had a technique that none of the other BOM's have used yet. The instructions show it made in one main color plus a background color; I used three colors plus a background color. I used the same red I've been using for the center, a red and navy print for the 4-1/2" circles, and navy print for the squares that make the ring around the center square.
To make the block using more colors, I cut twelve of the 2-1/2" background squares, and eight of the 2-1/2" navy squares. I cut the 4-1/2" squares from the navy and red print. I sewed one of the background squares to the corner of the 4-1/2" squares
and then sewed a navy square to the opposite corner. You sew on the diagonal line you drew on each square.
Trim off the excess fabric between the sewn line and the corner.
and press the remaining triangle to the outside. It should look like this:
Now, add background squares to the other two corners.
Trim the excess fabric and press the triangles out and you have something like this:
Here's a picture of the completed block:
On page two of the instructions, there is a link to a quilt that is made from different bright colors with a light background that would make a cute scrap quilt. On page one, it tells you how many blocks will make a Project Linus quilt which would be really cute.
Happy sewing,