Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pain and Trauma

First, let me say that there won't be any pics in this post. I'm a big fan of blogs with lots of cool pics, but it's been that kind of week for me so far. Here's what's happening: I've had a tooth that's been really sensitive for some time. I've been to the dentist twice to get it checked to see if it was cracked, but nothing ever showed up. Last week, when I bit down on something hard, it finally cracked all the way through. Seems it's been cracked all along but not in a spot that showed up on the x-rays. I called the dentist and got an appointment for this past Monday, and by the time Monday got here I had an infection that made me look like a rabid chipmunk. I was more than ready to have it pulled or whatever needed to be done, but I had no idea having a tooth pulled was that painful! I will say that the pain is gone now, and I'm already feeling a lot better. But, the idea of having one of my teeth missing is really strange. It will be eight weeks before I can get something in there to replace it........I'm really not vain, but eight weeks with no tooth? At least the lost tooth won't affect my sewing.


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  1. I am glad to hear you are not in pain anymore. I understand about missing teeth. My grandmother, aunt and step mom have lost all of theirs. Just crazy. My husband has a tooth like that which he really needs to get pulled- I keep bugging him about it.
    You are right though it is good that a missing tooth doesn't affect sewing. Can you imagine. LOL
    I will pray your eight weeks pass by you quickly.