Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vegetable Chili Recipe

I thought I'd share a recipe today. I'm not normally much of a "recipe" type cook, but I got this one recently from Sue in New York, and it's so good and easy that I thought it was worth sharing.

Vegetable Chili

28 oz. diced tomatoes
16 oz. salsa
16 oz. chicken broth
16 oz. black beans, undrained
16 oz. corn, drained
16 oz. green beans, drained
1 T chili powder

Open cans, dump it all in a large pan, heat and enjoy.
I used the Pace medium salsa, but you can use milder or hotter depending on what you like. Sue says it's about 90 calories per serving so you can enjoy this one guilt free. And, even though it's called "Chili", it's not what a Texan would call chili. It's really more of a spicy vegetable soup.

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  1. Man I want to come to your house for dinner tonight. I was supposed to make brocolli cheese soup but got busy quilting- finished the quilt, then time to pick up kids and then the dog got his paw caught in the fence again so... that blew my dinner idea. Maybe tomorrow night. I love soup! I agree- not quite Chili- we eat a lot of chili around here, with big thick cornbread.mmmm good