Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sometimes Things Just Don't Work Out.......

....the way you planned. I got the latest issue of Quiltmaker a few weeks ago and was a little too anxious to get my Christmas Lights mystery quilt finished.
So what's wrong with this picture? I managed to sew an entire row with the blocks going the wrong direction! That's what I get for being in such a big hurry. Now I have to unsew and fix the whole bottom corner.
On a better note, look what I found when I was cleaning up in my sewing room:
A charm pack with a matching jelly roll. I already know what I'll do with it; something simple enough that I won't mess up!
Happy sewing,

1 comment:

  1. The quilt is looking good it will be great when you finish it okay you have to unpick some but don't we all the charms & jelly roll looks really nice as well
    Hugs Janice