Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What I Did at Camp

I was MIA for most of September; one of the reasons was that I was able to attend a quilting retreat. If almost takes an act of Congress for me to get away for a few days.....I have to board my dogs, clear my work calendar, reschedule my dad's doctor appointments, and arrange for someone to check on my dad while I'm away. The retreat was three days, included room and meals, and was not that far from down (at the Catholic Retreat Center).

It's a remote enough location that I didn't have cell phone service (maybe a good thing, although it made me a little nervous). No phones, no tv, no computer, nothing to do all day except sew and eat and just generally get myself recharged. I had a private room with bath--I forgot to take a picture of the room, but the pic on the above right shows what the outside of the cabins looks like. We had two large meeting rooms for sewing. Each quilter has a table with electrical outlets and brings their own machine, iron, and all the needed items for sewing. Here are pics of the room I was in with about eight other ladies:

The second room had six or seven ladies. Here they are hard at work (or maybe I should say play):

A beautiful batik paper pieced quilt another quilter was working on. I had to take some pics, but they really don't do it justice........
The meals were okay (especially since we didn't have to fix them ourselves), heavier than what I
would normally eat, and of course, we had plenty of snacks in the workrooms! The second and third days brought heavy rain and thunderstorms. I don't like rain, but can't complain when we've had a drought all summer and are in desperate need of any and all rain. I came home to a green yard full of mushrooms........

Isn't this cool, almost a perfect circle. As for the retreat, I definitely enjoyed it, will go again if I have the opportunity, and best of all, I got a few things finished:

An apron

A pair of pillowcases
Finished a quilt top, about a twin size.....

An on the third day, when my mind was just about numb from hours and hours of sewing, I worked on my normal "mental health" sewing--making nine patch blocks. These are six-inch navy and white to add to my growing collection.
Happy sewing,

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  1. It nice that you managed to get away looks like a nice few days away
    Hugs Janice