Monday, July 6, 2009

July Block of the Month

I only managed to get one block of the month posted for June, but I was away for a significant part of the month because of a death in the family. I have been very lucky to still have grandparents living (even at my age!!), but in February 2008 I lost my paternal grandmother, and now in June, my maternal grandmother has gone to heaven. I had planned on a quick trip to West Virginia for the funeral and ended up staying longer than originally planned.

So anyway, on to the block. The one I chose for July is called State of Georgia, and the instructions are on Quilter's Cache.

I had never made this particular block before, but it's easy enough with no new techniques, just simple sqaures and half-square triangles.

Here are all the patches laid out after I finished sewing the hst's.

And, here's the finished block:

When you open the instructions on Quilter's Cache, be sure and click over to the second page to see how the blocks look once they are all put together. It's really neat how the secondary pattern develops and forms "circles" across the quilt. This block would make a great quilt in planned colors or even in scraps if you are careful with the light-medium-dark contrasts.

Have fun sewing!

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