Tuesday, April 26, 2016

String Bin Overflow

I guess most quilters save scraps--we all love fabric, and it's gotten more and more expensive. I throw all the narrow pieces into plastic bins and use them for string quilts. It doesn't take very long to have more than enough strips, and no matter how many I use, they never seem to get used up. I think they multiple in the bins while I'm not looking. The result:

And this is only two of the bins. There are two more just like them. 

I like string quilts. They have such a humble, homey look to them, and best of all, they are like a archive of whatever I've been using in my quilts. The challenge this time is lots of smaller pieces that were trimmed from bigger blocks.

I generally don't keep anything shorter than two inches, but still. What can I do with two inch strings? I saw the cutest little doll quilt on Pinterest recently that had string-pieced X's with yellow triangles. No pattern of course, but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out something similar. I cut some strips from an old phone book, 2.5"x6".

I'm thinking 20 blocks will be enough for a doll quilt. Here's a piece with the strips sewn on.

To trim them to the correct shape, I marked the halfway mark on each short end of the paper and used the 45 degree line on my square to cut the points.

The trimmed pieces:

I still need to add the triangles on the long sides. I want to use a solid, just need to decide what color.

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