Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The End of Summer

I've always associated Labor Day with the end of summer. I like summer (even the hot weather) and don't like seeing it end. Fall and winter seem so much busier, and the shorter daylight hours don't help. One good thing about Labor Day was the long weekend (four days off for me). I could have used the extra time to sew, but headed to the beach instead.

There were a lot of people who had the same idea on Saturday and Sunday, but Monday was perfect. Not very many people out, and the weather was so nice.

You can still see the tire tracks from all the cars that were there on Sunday.....

We took the dogs along for some exercise; neither one of them really likes the water, but they were happy to get the walk.

I left right after lunch so I could avoid any heavy traffic. I'm glad I made time to go; sometimes it's a nice break to do nothing productive, and that's exactly what I did! I'm considering taking my featherweight sewing machine down there so I can sew if I want to, but I need to replace the motor brushes first, and for now I'm okay with having an occasional unproductive holiday.

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