Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday

Oh gosh, it's Thursday again! I really enjoyed seeing everyone's vintage treasures last week, and even though I'm not really a cookie-jar collector, seeing one participant's lamb cookie jar made me thing of this one:

I don't know how well the pic is going to show up; there's not a lot of light in my house, especially on a rainy day like today. The cow cookie jar was given to me by my grandmother who said she bought it when my dad and his brothers were little boys. So some time in the 1930's. It was always in her kitchen, and I can remember being fascinated with it as a kid (or maybe I was just fascinated by the cookies that were in it). Sorry I don't have a whole collection of cookie jars to show you--this is the only one I own, but I really like it. BTW, here's a little trivia: It was made by McCoy and they made one from the same mold but purple in color. The purple one is quite rare and very collectible. So if you happen to find a purple one at the right price, grab it quick!

Don't forget to hop over to Coloradolady's blog for a list of today's Vintage Thingie Thusday participants!

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  1. I didn't realize that McCoy made animal cookie jars back in the!
    A purple cow wouldn't blend in a kitchen as well as your cow does! Don't you love having family heirlooms in this form?
    Our Muggsy is the only cookie jar we have as well.
    It's neat to go see what "stuff" everyone has on Thursdays, isn't it?

  2. McCoy made lots of cookie jars! I've never seen one like yours before, I really like it.

  3. I love it, it has that cute ittle grin and the kitty looks like it either wants milk or cookies. I wondered when I first saw it if it was a McCoy, it has that look. I know you really charish it as it was your Granny's.

  4. Great cookie jar...I love the grin!

    BTW, glad you liked the baby quilt. I'll be posting the pattern for the elephant tonight or tomorrow morning.

  5. Thanks you for the info on the Hull coffee set. I will google it and find out more. I know I have seen that "pattern" (lack of better word) before now that I think about it.

  6. Just the words "cookie jar" make me salivate! I love yours! Sorry it is rainy there.

  7. Oh my goodness. That guy is so cute he would provide endless inspiration for baking cookies.
    Bah. I wouldn't want a purple cow; I like the way yours looks just fine.
    It's absolutely divine. One divine cow.

  8. That is about the cutest cookie jar I've seen! And I'm fascinated by cookies too!