Monday, March 16, 2009

2009 UFO List

One of my primary goals for creating this blog was to track my UFO progress (for non-quilters, UFO's are unfinished objects), but I got caught up in all the fun stuff and never did get my hand-written list typed up into a blog list. Another problem was that the list was so long it was just intimidating. Easier to close the notebook and pretend that list didn't exist. In the meantime, things are still stacked up in my sewing room, not much progress gets made, and I dream of new projects I want to start. I decided I'd better get that list posted and commit to some progress before I give in to my natural inclinations to start new things.

Are you ready for this? Nine completed tops need to be quilted, one quilt needs binding (my least favorite quilty thing to do), and I have 20 tops or sets of blocks that I need to finish piecing! One dates back to 1998--that's over 10 years old. I'd say things are definitely getting out of hand! I divided my list into three categories (piecing to finish, tops to quilt, and quilts to bind) with the idea that once I finish piecing the top, I'll mark through it on that list and move it to the tops to be quilted list. That way I can at least see some progress even if a project isn't completely finished. Time to get off the computer and get busy at the sewing machine.

Oh, I forgot to say the list is on the right side near the bottom of the blog.


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  1. That is a great idea- I have something similar but it includes my quilt orders and some other things I have to get done too.
    I know right now I could use some Ninepatches in Red, White and Blue- since I have a LapQuilt to make in Americano Theme for a donation request. I am hoping those three BOMS I made for our group will work for the quilt just dont know what to put with it. I figure 3 down 7 to go.
    Good luck with your UFOS I think I get too many requests to ever get my kids UFOS finished