Friday, May 7, 2021

Birthday Gifts

 April is my birthday month and my friend Dave has his birthday a day after mine. Bill and I were able to get together for a night out with Dave and Alan a couple of weeks ago. Dinner at Joe’s Pizza and Pasta with a bottle of wine and good conversation. 

They gave me several “quilty” gifts—all fabulous—but this one is really cool.

Alan made these from a Lori Holt tutorial. They are project boards for making quilt blocks. The pieces cling to the quilt batting, and you can transport all the pieces from the cutting table to the sewing machine, then stack them by the machine for sewing. So cool. 

I always like handmade things the best. Don’t you agree?


  1. I made several of these for myself in a couple of sizes. I use them all the time. They are so practical. What a great gift.

    Linda Kay

    1. I haven’t used them yet, but I am pretty excited about them.