Thursday, May 20, 2021


 I liked the pincushion so much I made another. I think these are just so cute. I have plenty of felt left so now I'm thinking of a red one with a white base for the machine. I used fiberfill for the stuffing due to the size of these. They are around 6", and I thought the walnut shells would be way too heavy. I still haven't stitched up the opening I left for turning, and I may add some walnut shell to give them a little weight. Right now, they feel kind of like plush dog toys--which is probably what they will turn into if I don't keep them out of reach.

We have been having lots of rain, most of it in one night. Rain, lightening, thunder. The handwork on these pincushions let me sit on the couch and Ryder could lay against me while the thunderstorms were going on.

And here's a closeup of the pincushions. 

I'm really happy with them.

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