Monday, May 17, 2021

String Star Quilt

I am going to try and link to an old post to a String Star Tutorial. Hopefully it works! I was going through some old pictures in my Google Cloud hoping to find anything that needs finishing so I can locate it and get it finished up. Many UFO's have been finished and either gifted or donated, but I have a suspicion there are some more hanging out somewhere that need to be finished and moved along. I did find a picture of the String Star Quilt I did a tutorial on in 2016. It's finished, and it is one of my favorites. I kept it and continue to use it even though the black shows dog fur like crazy.

I had put it on the bed to tie off and bury the ends, and it turns out it's the only picture I can find of it. I will need to get a better picture when I get it out this winter. When I was looking for pictures, I found some other string projects.

I'm quite sure there have been many more over the years. They are always a favorite with me.

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