Monday, May 24, 2021

Sewing Room Cleanup

I worked all afternoon yesterday on the sewing room; unfortunately, there wasn't as much progress as I had hoped. The plastic shelves I had weren't really working for me. The size was adequate, but the plastic didn't really support the weight of the fabric and had started to bow in the middle.

Also, things had fallen behind, and they are too heavy to move when they are loaded up with fabric. I ordered some nice wire ones with wheels and got the first one put together, and then Bill assembled the other one for me. He warned me that even though they are metal, they probably have a weight limit, which he fully expects my fabric collection to exceed.

Of course, the hard part is getting everything transferred. I wanted the old ones completely out so I could clean the baseboards before the new ones got moved in. That meant piles of stuff waiting to get put away.
Some of it needs to go away, but what? So far, I've made a small pile of stuff in the hall that can be disposed of. Unfortunately, I am keeping way too much. I did make a quick trip to the dollar store and got a couple of baskets to store fat quarters and small pieces of yardage. I will need to stop today on the way home from work and get a couple of more.
I did find this cute vintage breadbox on one of the lower shelves that I had kind of forgotten about. I was surprised to find it full of fabric! 
I'm not sure why that surprised me; it's not the first time I've opened a closed container and found fabric inside. I also found some other goodies I had forgotten about that need to be added to my UFO list. I am hoping for a little progress each evening, but I'll have to see how that all goes.

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