Friday, December 24, 2021

Cross Stitch Progress

I haven't had much time to just sit and cross stitch, but I still managed to get some done. I usually am up early (dogs!!), but I will sit and drink coffee and look at different posts and such on my iPad. I have been trying to set aside some of that time to turn my task lamp on and do some cross stitching. Once the dogs have been fed and have all made a trip or two outside, they will settle down and go back to sleep, so I have some uninterrupted time. 

I got the flamingos finished:

Also, the little flower in the bottom corner:

I am officially done with all the pinks and can get the other colors done. I really wasn't sure when I ordered this kit if I would actually complete it or not, but so far I am doing okay with it, so I am hopeful it will get done, and I can start on the next one.

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