Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The Scraps Are Winning

It’s a constant battle here between me and the scraps that constantly multiply. I try to keep cutting them into usable sizes but it seems to be a losing battle. The more I sew, the more scraps get created. I found these when I was looking for some Christmas decorations:

I don’t know why they got put in with the Christmas stuff, but I guess it happened one year during one of my post-holiday cleaning frenzies. I know they are not recent; there’s some old stuff in there. Time to use it up!

I need to come up with a scrap busting project…..something that inspires me. I am tired of scrappy trips, although they use up a lot of random strips.

I also don’t want a pattern that uses maybe a yard of scraps and then needs about five yards of a neutral.

I belong to some Facebook groups for scrap busting, but the patterns are generally for more coordinated scraps, i.e., yardage. I want something that will let me use everything, whether it goes together or not.

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