Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Time to Make a List

 APQS published the 2022 UFO page.

I already printed one but still need to think about the twelve projects for my list. Since I only did piecing for my 2021 list, and since I will have my new machine soon, I think mine will have projects needing to be quilted and bound. At least, that’s what I am thinking.

There are some blogs I subscribe to because they used to be about quilting, but now they are mostly about cross stitching, and UFO’s seem to be even more of a problem for the cross stitchers. I have been reading about their various strategies, and I am coming up with some ideas for my quilting stash. I know I have way too much, and I will need a plan to use it or lose it. I am also thinking about ongoing projects that need some attention. I do love English paper piecing, but I never have much spare time. Hello retirement! I think I can schedule some time daily or weekly to work on hand sewing or embroidery. It’s all a pretty loose plan that is floating around in my brain, but I have until the end of the year to make a commitment.

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