Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Random Thoughts on Shortages

There has been a lot of news about all the shortages, and I guess I didn’t really feel it was affecting me. I don’t but much anyway—except of course groceries, and fabric and thread. Some days the grocery stores don’t seem to be as well-stocked as I am used to, but I could certainly find a substitute for anything they didn’t have. 

I started Christmas shopping a month or two ago, and things I ordered took a little longer to arrive, but it all got here. 

The problem now is that I need a new dishwasher in Victoria. The one I have here hasn’t worked in a while, but since I was seldom here, I didn’t want to replace it and have the pump freeze up from non-use. Since I will soon be here full time, I tried to order a new one, and Best Buy cancelled my order and refunded the payment. I called the local appliance places and was told it would from six months to a year before I can get one.

Second problem, I want a new car. I usually buy one that is a year old, but that is not feasible right now. A low mileage, reasonably new BMW costs more than a new one. Okay, I’ll buy a new one. Once again, I would have to order it and wait for them to build it. There’s nothing wrong with the X1 I have, but I’ve had it seven years, and also it’s pretty small. I want one that is newer and bigger. It is definitely a seller’s market right now. If I was in a bind for a car and had to buy one quickly, I don’t know what I would do. It’s just crazy.


  1. It IS crazy. My car died on July 17 and it took four months to find a used one we could afford. You are right, everything has gone crazy. A used car costs more than a new one, but like you said you can't really find a new one. Our dealer only got 18 cars and they were already presold. We ended up finding a 2017 Toyota with a lot of miles, but I'm not too concerned about the mileage. Toyotas are known to go for 200k miles. Good luck finding a dishwasher. I'm hoping all my appliances hold out until this shortage ends.

    1. Four months is a long time to be looking for a car. I am a little annoyed at the prices of the used ones, but I guess it is supply and demand. If I have to do without a major appliance, the dishwasher is certainly preferable to the stove or refrigerator. I will wash by hand until I can get one.