Tuesday, July 9, 2024

To-Do-List Tuesday 7-9-24

Good morning Tuesday friends! Let me first say thank you to everyone who prayed for me. We got very little hurricane activity here—a little more wind than usual, but not much rain. It was worse north of us, but luckily, it stayed a weak category 1. We will see what the rest of the summer brings. 

As for my to-do list, I had mixed results. I lost some time due to hurricane prep and general lack of motivation, and here are the results.

1) Get income tax papers sorted out and ready to work on. Oh, I tried, I mainly made a lot of paper piles. I need to buckle down on this one.

2) Start on gift baskets for the silent auction at the quilt show and for Lutherfest. I spent way too long trying to figure out what I wanted to do, but I did start on this cookie baker basket.

I want to make potholders and maybe an oven mitt to put in the front. And then, I will wrap it in plastic and put a bow on it. That’s okay, it’s a start.
3) Quilt three more customer quilts. No, I did two.

4) Bind another customer quilt. Yes, and isn’t it pretty?

5) Work on Villa Rosa quilt. No, I didn’t touch it.
6) Work on pink and black polka dot quilt. I did a little, but nothing significant. 
7) More potholders and dish cloths. Yes.

I’m hoping I’ll have more energy and motivation this week. We have a reception at church today. Sandwiches and cold salads. I was going to bring potato salad, but I think others will bring that, so I made some cole slaw. I thought about buying a carton of it from the grocery store, but I resisted the temptation and went ahead and made it from scratch. It’s sitting in the refrigerator right now. That’s all I have planned for this week other than doing a tune up on the riding mower, so I should have time to work on my to-do’s. 

1) Income tax!
2) Quilt three customer quilts.
3) Finish June and July BOM’s.
4) Pink and black polka dot quilt.
5) Villa Rosa quilt.
6) Logging On quilt.

Hopefully my malaise will be gone, and I’ll be back to feeling somewhat energetic. I hope everyone has a great week with lots of productivity. I’m linking to Quilt Schmilt


  1. I watched your area closely and was pleased to see Beryl went onshore away from you. Our son and family are on vacay at the beach in Alabama and were pretty worried about their home in The Woodlands. But their house sitter did not report any damage from the 70+mph wind and heavy rain. No power of course! Good luck with your malaise. :)

    1. Thank you Linda. I'm glad your son's house wasn't damaged.

  2. You still made good progress on your to do list, some weeks are just that way. We were in College Station for the weekend and decided to leave early to avoid the rains. Sounds like you missed out on the worst of the wind and rain, but it's early in the season yet. I hated hurricane season when we lived in Lake Jackson.

    1. Kate, I lived in Lake Jackson for 12 years; I moved back to Victoria in January 2021, but I've been on the coast most of my life, so I always dread hurricane season.