Thursday, June 22, 2023

Good News

Thank you to anyone who prayed my lost bag would get returned. I got a text yesterday from the cruise terminal with a picture of my bag asking if it was mine. I am going to Galveston today to retrieve it. It is about 170 miles one way, and they offered to ship (at my cost of course), but I want to get it back, and close the chapter on this. 

My sewing group met Tuesday at church and we put all of the lap quilts we have been working on in the sanctuary to be blessed. This is from the back of the church looking toward the alter,

and this one is standing at the communion rail looking toward the back.
After being blessed, they will be delivered to the local dialysis centers and the two hospitals who do cancer infusions. We had so many, we ended up putting them in the chapel as well. It is the old (original) church built around 1850. We still use it for early services on Sunday mornings.

I worked on a customer quilt yesterday--it is quite big.

There is some extra fullness through the middle, so I am keeping the quilt pretty loose on the frame and using the cup foot on the far, so good with that.

The same customer brought me some leftover blocks to use on my charity quilts.

There are only 11 of them, but she brought me some extra fabric, so I will make at least one more. I'm always glad to get a jump start on anything for the charity tops, so these are a welcome gift. 


  1. I am shocked and happy for you! Prayers do work, right? :) Enjoy your trip to Galveston. Your church is so pretty, especially with all those quilt, and I love the historic chapel.