Saturday, June 24, 2023



Happy weekend everybody! I’ve been really busy, but not too many things are getting finished. I’ve been working on the Water Colors quilt along, but those pieces require so much trimming……I modified my my to-do list to add a goal of getting two of the blocks done this week. I had originally meant to put it on the list, but it got left off. I did settle on a lay out for the Scrappy Celebration blocks

I’ve gotten the first row sewn together, and I’m anxious to see some progress on this one.

I also finished the quilting on the large customer quilt I was working on.

It still needs a close encounter with a lint roller, but that will happen before it goes back to its owner. 

Thursday I went to Galveston to pick up my lost bag.

(Yes, that’s a watermelon on my washing machine…..I haven’t cut it up yet, and I didn’t want it taking up room on the kitchen counter.) I am so happy to report nothing is missing from the bag. Although I was relieved to get everything back, I was exhausted from the drive. I slept nine straight hours Thursday night. I think that’s what I needed, as I feel good now. 


  1. I like your Scrappy Celebration layout. With my luck that watermelon would already have fallen on the floor! So glad you got your bag back.

    1. Thanks! I'm in the process of sewing it together, and now I'm starting to second guess myself. It's probably too late to change it. The interesting thing about my bag--someone had tied the handles together very tightly. I think that's what kept all the contents from escaping.