Saturday, June 3, 2023

Part Two

I meant to post this yesterday and forgot. I usually type out the post the night before and schedule it to post early the next morning. Unfortunately, I fell asleep on the couch (again!) before I finished it. 

On Thursday, I worked on making kid’s quilts out of the fabric I had laundered last week.

I got the borders on these two. This pattern is super fast—I think I spent longer on the borders than on any other part. I think they are cute, and of course, the quilting will make them look even better. 

On Friday i got this one cut out:

This is the first two rows sewn together. I think I need six rows plus borders, so I’m making good progress on these also. I’ve made this pattern a few times, and I like the way it turns out. 

I had an appointment Thursday with the cardiologist and told him I am so sleepy I can hardly function. He told me to cut the blood pressure medicine dosage in half and see how I did with that. It should help with the fatigue, but we will have to see if my blood pressure is controlled on the lesser dosage. I’m hoping I won’t be so tired going forward, although I realize my blood pressure needs to be lower. There must be an optimum solution somewhere. I’m normally a high energy person, and this is very frustrating. 

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  1. I hope your med adjustment helps with the fatigue. I am moving toward having to take high BP medication, so I'm interested in your journey. Those are really cute quilts!