Monday, June 19, 2023

Weekend Update

It’s so hot…..too hot to do anything outside…

I can’t really say what I’ve been spending my time on, but whatever I’m doing, I’m doing it indoors in the air conditioning. The condensate line on the a/c got plugged, and I spent Saturday trying to clean up all the water. The technician finally came Saturday afternoon and got it unplugged. At least it never quit cooling. 

I think I posted a picture of this block already.

It’s from the current APQ quilt along. I got three more made Sunday.

Some of the fabrics are directional, and I didn’t realize that would be such a challenge. I took that turquoise one apart more times that I care to remember. I picked the fat quarters for the colors, and several of them are directional prints. These blocks are taking a lot longer than I had anticipated, but I only have to make twenty, so I will power through it. I need to cut some more fabric before I can make any more.
Four done, sixteen to go. 

The sewing machine was starting to sound a little louder than usual, so I took it apart.
Oh my gosh! When did I last clean this machine? This is crazy. 

I’m going to Round Rock today(north of Austin). I have been looking for a particular sewing machine for several months, and my dealer is unable to order it. They are apparently not being made anymore, but I found one store that has one in stock. A friend is going with me, so we will have a little road trip.

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