Friday, June 16, 2023

Playing Catch Up

I've been cleaning house now that I have pretty much rested up from vacation. Today was trash day, so it was time to clean the refrigerator. Yesterday, I did the floors and the bathrooms. I still need to dust, but that's the one thing I will put off as long as I can stand it.

Speaking of putting things off.....I decided I needed to get the APQ quilt blocks laid out....I've been saying I would do that for a couple of weeks now. Time to quit procrastinating and get it done.

I will study the picture for a while and see what I might want to move. I can already see a couple of blocks that need to swap positions. But what a lovely riot of color. I believe I am going to like this one a lot!

Between yesterday and the day before, I got a customer quilt quilted and bound.

I love those Aggie prints. This would be something I would like to make for our church auction. I think it would be popular with all the Aggie parents and grandparents. I have another big one I need to load today (maybe tomorrow). It's purple and black print. I still need to give the backing a good press with steam to get the wrinkles out. I ordered a black batting for it--just a single piece that comes folded up in a bag--and it is draped over my batting rack to let some of the wrinkles ease out of it. 

This morning is my mammogram. It has been rescheduled twice.....once by me, and once by the hospital, so I am pretty much past due for it. One more thing that has been postponed. 

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  1. LOVE your APQ blocks! That is going to make a really pretty quilt. Maybe you'll inspire me to get back on my block making. That Aggie quilt is really cute.