Thursday, June 1, 2023

What I’m Working On

First of all, I started working on the Summer Scrap Challenge and got quite a few of the strips sewn together.

This one shouldn’t take long—it’s going together pretty fast so far. 

Second, the APQ quilt along officially started today.
I already did a little cutting, but it was very little. I will do a little each day until I get it done.

Other than that, I haven’t been very productive. I’m still more tired than usual and spend the evenings doing  nothing except some cross stitch. I am making progress on the cross stitch. 

Oh, one of my neighbors had their front door kicked in last night around 2am. Apparently there is a tic toc challenge that the kids are doing. I can’t understand why anyone’s kids would be out on the streets at 2am, but I know it does happen. I put the security chain on the door after I heard about it, and I do have a doorbell camera, but what would prevent them from kicking the doorbell camera and disabling it? I don’t want to worry about all this. 


  1. Sheesh, kids will do anything stupid! That is not something you should have to worry about - ugh. Our daughter is 47 and now is absolutely horrified about how she acted as a teen staying out past her curfew (and praying that her kids won't!) Thank God she never did anything like that, but if TicTok had been around, who knows?

    1. Can you imagine how horrible it will be if someone’s kid gets shot? I hope people will use this as an opportunity to talk to their kids about what can happen if they choose to do dumb things.