Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Another Finish

I put my unexpected day off to good use and got the binding finished on a table runner I started last year.

The binding is not really rippled--I didn't lay it very flat for the picture.

It's a Villa Rosa pattern called Penny Candy, and it takes about half of a charm pack plus some background fabric. Binding is my least favorite part of the entire process, and I have quilts here from 10 years ago that have no binding. I am really making a big effort to rectify that. Even if my resolve only lasts a few months, at least I will have that many more done. 

I have gotten lax about labeling my quilts.....I used to be good about it, but in my new rush to get things completed, it is not being done. I think I will order some pre-printed ones from Etsy. If anyone has a good source, please let me know.

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