Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Random Thoughts

I was thinking about how to get rid of some of my fabric stash. I can’t seem to just throw it away, and it is out of hand. How did this happen? That was what I was actually thinking about. For one thing, I have been living this dual life—part time in Victoria and part time in Lake Jackson. That has been going on for almost twelve years. I pretty much duplicated everything here that I had there. Including the fabric. The other issue: I was doing a lot of charity quilts, and then Covid  came along and no more donations. I kept sewing though. My work hours increased until I was mostly in Lake Jackson but the quilt machine was in Victoria, so not much got quilted. Oh, and Covid gave me lots of opportunities for online shopping, mostly out of boredom. 

I’m trying to think of how to make a dent in all this stuff……I need to check and see who is taking donations, if anyone is at this time. I need a plan, and I am too overwhelmed to make one. I have done quilts in the past for quilts for kids, foster kids, and QOV (and probably lots more), and I’m not enthused about those at this time, because my donations didn’t stay local. I think I just need to make the quilts, and then an opportunity will present itself. 

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