Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Bill’s Quilt

A long time ago, Bill decided to make a quilt. He actually made two—one of them was a BOM from Joann fabrics back when they used to do that every year. He finished it and I quilted it. I wish I had a photo; someday I will get it out and take one. He later bought a Paula Barnes kit and I never did quilt it. I didn’t have much experience at that time with long arming, and I knew there would be some issues. Not all the blocks were flat, and the borders had a lot of extra fabric in them. He bought some backing fabric, and I had already removed the selvages and seamed it together. I kind of forgot about it, but after I had practiced some on the new machine, he reminded me about his quilt. Here it is: 

I have the binding made, and need to put it on. I’ll get that done this week. I was able to handle the issues with the quilt by using a cup foot and a pretty dense pattern.

When I got to areas with a lot of fullness, I used my hands to push on the sandwich a little, and I was able to avoid tucks. I think the light blue thread is really pretty on this quilt. I will most likely have another picture on here after I get the binding done.

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