Sunday, February 4, 2024

Air Fryer Pork Chops

Like most people, I got an air fryer sometime around 2017 or 2018. And, like most people, I didn't really use it. It was one of the basket type, and it was okay for reheating takeout or fixing frozen tater tots.

Fast forward to 2022, and I got one that is more like an oven,
and I started experimenting with cooking different types of food in it. I found I can cook meat that is done without being dried out and tough. I had some pork chops I bought at Aldi, and although they weren't as thick as I normally like, they were thick enough to go in the air fryer. I seasoned them with some grill seasoning from HEB and some Tony Chachere. 

I preheated the air fryer to 400, and cooked them 5 minutes on each side. If they had been thicker, I would have done 6 minutes on each side.

While they were cooking, I sliced a couple of potatoes, and cooked them in boiling water to just about half-way done. After I took the pork chops out, I drained the potatoes really well, added cheese, bacon pieces, green onion, salt and cracked pepper and air fried them for 5-6 minutes. I sprayed the pan with a little spray butter so they wouldn't stick.

I also heated up some brussel sprouts. I had enough for two nights, and it was so good! 


  1. Your dinner looks delicious. I had no idea air fryers were in that kind of little oven. We use our air fryer, but really just for tater tots, baked potatoes, that kind of thing. I know that folks really cook in them, so we need to branch out!

    1. The pork chops are really good cooked that way. I wasn’t overly impressed with the basket style air fryer, but I do like the type I have now. The Power XL oven can air fry or bake (it doubles as a convection oven).