Thursday, February 8, 2024

Donation Quilts

I finally got them photographed! Betty brought by more bags she had made, so I decided to get everything bagged up and ready to go. These will all go to Midcoast Family Services. We make a pillowcase and a bag for each quilt.

Both of these have the dinosaur fabric I’ve used before. I have a dinosaur quilting pattern I used on them. You can see it better on the backs.

There are also two with the state fabric.

That’s the last of that fabric….I don’t think I had even an inch left.

I’ll finish uploading pictures tonight and post the rest tomorrow. 

I’m doing okay with walking at the track. I walked two miles Monday and Tuesday. I’ll go again this afternoon. I went to the fitness center Monday and Wednesday mornings for an exercise class so I’m staying on track on that too. The instructor is killing me with the squats. I can barely stand up from a seated position. I have been doing the class for some time, but I missed a couple of weeks, plus the instructor changed up the routines and added the split-leg squats. My thighs are so sore. 


  1. Those quilts and bags are so cute and will be so appreciated! What kind of exercise class do you attend? I can't imagine doing squats - I'd have to hold onto something - lol! I used to do Jazzercize but now I don't want to pay for it.

    1. Thanks Linda! The class is body balance or something like that. It's half cardio and half strength training with weights and bands plus a little bit of balance work thrown in. I chose that one because it's at 7am, and I can get it over with, go home and shower, and get on with my day.