Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Weekend Update

No volleyball this past weekend, but I did get to see a football game.
Nothing like watching a bunch of seven year-old kids play football. I was wondering how they could possibly learn all the rules involved in football at that age, but after a few minutes of watching, I realized they really don't know the rules.....they just play. Pretty entertaining to watch. My grandson is the center....

Just too cute! At the end of the game, he didn't even know who won or what the score was. Neither did any of us. 

I worked a little on the curvy log cabin. I got enough blocks done to start sewing some together.
It seems like I've been working on this one forever, but really, it is just some random weekends, so not many total hours. I still need to finish about 20 blocks, and then I can get it assembled.

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