Thursday, March 10, 2022

Binding News

I was really having a moment of indecision on this quilt:

Specifically, what to use for binding. I had enough of the blue backing left and had pretty well resigned myself to that, but I just wasn’t sure.

When I was digging fabric out of boxes to put on the shelves, I found this:

There’s 26” of it which should be enough, and that would get it out of my stash. This is most likely a donation quilt, and I know it wouldn’t matter to some people, but I really try to make the donation quilts look attractive. 

The bonus to all of this is that I can use the rest of the blue backing for my Ukraine quilt blocks, so it’s a win/win.

I will have to be in Lake Jackson all weekend; we are having a moving sale in a last ditch effort to get everything out of the house. Bill is not too excited about it, but the girls said they would help me. I have posted notices about it online, and my Facebook messenger is blowing up. Hopefully, I can keep my sanity through all of this.

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