Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Quilting Day

I am still working my way through the stack of quilt tops a customer brought me. She said “no hurry”, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t mean I can just piddle around. I got this one done today:

It is a baby quilt with Lilo and Stitch fabric. I think my biggest challenge is deciding on a thread color. That has always been a sticking point for me. I was planning to use a peach color, but it was pretty stark against the navy border. I ended up with a variegated turquoise. It is one of my Fantastico spools, and it worked really well.

I texted a picture to my client, and she loved it. I used an Urban Elements design called Fern. I was trying to stay away from flowers or butterflies as I think the baby is a boy. Fern is pretty neutral; almost a feather pattern.

When I left the shop, I stopped and got some fresh spinach and mushrooms so I could make an egg frittata for meatless Monday. I also added halved grape tomatoes and sliced black olives.

I thought it was good, and Bill said he liked it, although he is never very excited about meatless Monday. He took some bratwurst out of the freezer to grill tomorrow. So funny.

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