Friday, March 4, 2022

Glasses Case

When I went to Corpus Wednesday, I put my glasses in my bag. I can’t walk or drive wearing them, but reading is a different story. I was looking for a case to put them in, but I couldn’t find one. ☹️ 

Yesterday when I was working on my coffee filter swap quilt, I found a block that didn’t make it into the quilt.

I used it as a pattern to cut a piece of batting and a back. I also cut some bias binding.
I had a brainstorm to make a case for my glasses. I ended up trimming a little off the sides before I put the binding around the three layers.
Once I had the binding sewn all the way around, I folded it over and stitched down the side and across the bottom.
It looks like a taco! LOL. My glasses fit though. It kind of cracks me up how I’ll spend an hour making something to keep from throwing away a quilt block 

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