Sunday, March 27, 2022

Early Morning Antics

I’m pretty sure my neighbors are ready to kill me. The dogs found a possum and started a big ruckus early this morning. Like 5:00 am early. The picture I took at 5 didn’t turn out as it was too dark out; these were from  around 6:30.

I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures, but it was a huge possum. I tried to push him off the fence with a broom, but he had his claws dug in and wasn’t going anywhere. We had to crate the dogs to get them to stop, and he got away. Finally. These are the two Jagdterriers. The other two dogs are not hunting breeds and they weren’t very interested. 

After that excitement, we had to drive to Lake Jackson, and man, was it ever foggy.

I was glad we were in the truck since it sits up a little higher and helps with the visibility. We took all the leftovers from our moving sale and donated them at the SPCA re-tail store in Freeport. The lady who helped us unload said everything would be sold by next weekend, and sure enough, by the time we came back with a second load, a young couple was loading the furniture we had brought. It’s nice to know someone can use it, and it’s also nice to know the SPCA got some much needed funds. They do so much for the animals.

Needless to say, there has been no quilting or sewing all weekend. I’m still hopeful about Monday.

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