Saturday, March 5, 2022

Quilting for a Cause

I have no doubt everyone is aware of the crisis in Ukraine. It is absolutely heartbreaking how many people are being forced to flee their homes, and in many cases, their country. I did no sewing yesterday, but last night I went through and pulled out some blue and yellow fabric.

I am feeling motivated to make the pattern Pat Sloan posted on her blog. It is a free pattern, but she is requesting that everyone make a $10 donation via the link in her post. The link is for UNICEF, and it was really easy to donate. Of course, you can always do more. 

There are other ways to give as well. Quilted Twins has a link on their website. The cool thing about that is one of the twins is living in Poland where a lot of Ukrainian refugees have fled, and 100% of the donations go directly to buying needed supplies for the refugees. 

Oh, I found this cool fabric as well:

Apparently, sunflowers are the national flower for Ukraine, and I am thinking I will use this for the block centers. I have gotten enough cut out to complete several blocks; unfortunately it is the weekend, and we are needing to get some things done in Lake Jackson. I will be ready to sew when I get back (hopefully Monday).

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