Monday, March 14, 2022

Crazy Weekend

The plans were to have a moving sale in Lake Jackson, and I got there Thursday afternoon to finish setting everything up. 

This is not even close to all of it. Just so much “stuff”. It really has me wondering how we accumulate so much. I mean, things stuck in closets or cabinets that was not even being used. It’s mind boggling. 

The sale was Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. My mom had a doctor appointment Thursday morning, and I talked to her before I left town, and she said they told her to double her medication for the heart arythmia she had been having. On Friday, her heartbeat had increased to a high level, and her blood pressure was 50ish over 40ish. My stepdad took her to the ER, and her cardiologist was called. They ended up doing surgery, and she now has a pacemaker. 

I came back home on Friday, and left Bill to deal with the sale. Mom was released on Saturday, and I took her home. She seems to be doing better already since she got the pacemaker. We will need to call today and make an appointment to see the doctor, so I’m hoping that goes well. 

I will need to make a trip back to Lake Jackson when I can to pack up whatever didn’t sell and get it to the donation center, but for now, I have enough to deal with here.

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