Monday, November 20, 2023

Weekend Update

It was a good weekend! Most of my time was spent on house cleaning and laundry. I’m not sure how one person get so many clothes dirty, but I do. 

I got the quilting finished on the vintage quilt.

I still need to trim it, but the binding is made and ready to be sewn on. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I started on the layer cake I bought at Quilter’s Patch open house. 

I got everything cut and all the sections sewn together. I still need to finish putting the blocks together, and then I will think about a border.

It’s a quick and easy pattern. I hope to get the blocks finished and joined together this week.

Last weekend I sewed 2.5” squares, and this weekend I switched to 2” squares.

All my scrap management, haphazard as it is, generates a lot of squares, and I am feeling a little anxious about using them. I have an idea for the 2” ones, but it will take some effort. It may become a long-term project.

The weather was overcast and rainy after church yesterday, and I ended up taking a nap. I later spent some time looking through these books:

The wedge book has some interesting projects….I thought about buying a 9-degree ruler, but it is a little over $30, and I decided to wait. 


  1. I'm excited to see your vintage quilt finished, as I'm sure you are too! Your layer cake quilt is going to be pretty. Enjoy your week!