Monday, June 17, 2024

Back to Reality

I’m back in Victoria and back to real life. My cruise was great, and I was able to finish my summer challenge quilt top. Well, I think it’s finished….I may add a border to it. We had a conference room to sew in, and I took my 3/4 size machine.

Three of us drove to Galveston from Victoria.

Donna (in the middle) was my roommate. The other ladies in our group were from North Texas.

I actually did get off the ship in Costa Maya. Donna wanted to get some vanilla, and I walked over there with her.

Most of the time I was sewing, although I did take some time for a facial at the spa, and I went to the gym every morning and used the equipment or I walked about two miles on the top deck. The views are amazing, which makes the walking very enjoyable. And, the best part is I ate whatever I wanted and didn’t gain any weight.

Here’s the top I finished
I’m still thinking about borders. Oh, and here’s a picture of the room Donna and I shared.
Not big, but it was adequate. I’m ready to go again in January. 


  1. What fun! So glad you enjoyed it. You were smart to exercise while enjoying the legendary cruise ship food. :)

    1. I had such a good time! I am going again in January.