Saturday, June 1, 2024

What I'm Working On

Happy June, blog friends. May hasn't been a very good month, and I'm glad to see it gone. I've been busy with all kinds of things. I finished piecing one of the commission quilts I was asked to do. 

It started as some random strips and squares with no pattern. The lady who started it was a one of my customers who passed away recently, and her niece brought me some UFO's to finish and quilt for the family. The only clue I had on this one were four large pieced squares: 
I had enough parts and pieces to get it to a useable size.....49" x 63". I wish I could make it a little bigger, but I need to reserve some fabric for the binding, so this is as big as it gets. I will put it line to be quilted.

Other than that, I made a jewelry pouch out of some scrap fabric.

This one is prototype.....not quite the way I want it. For the ties, I looked for some cording and couldn't find any, so I used ribbon. I think it would work better with cording or at least a narrower ribbon. It's cute though, and I will keep working until I get one that looks like I want it to. 

Today I need to finish that t-shirt quilt. It still needs borders. I have a leftover shirt, so I will need to piece the back in order to use the shirt on the back. Once that is done, I can get it on the frame and get it quilted.


  1. I think you did good on the family quilt! Made me think, what would my family do with all my UFOs if I was suddenly gone? Makes me want to finish everything up today!
    That jewelry bag is really cute. I read on The Polka Dot Chair yesterday about how to make custom cording. Haven't tried it yet!
    Have a great weekend and hope your June is better for you!

    1. Thanks Linda. I was having the same thoughts about UFO's when I saw all that this lady had purchased and not even started. Unfortunately, I don't think I will ever be able to sew through all the stash I have accumulated.