Monday, May 9, 2022

A Quiet Mother's Day

We decided to delay our celebrating until today since Julia was out of town all weekend for a volleyball tournament. Also, my mom likes Texas Seafood, and lately they have been closing on Sundays. That meant Sunday was just Bill and me. After lunch, we went to Lowes and I got a couple of more tomato plants. I have been working on the beds at my shop, but it will be a long process to get everything in shape. The grass is horrible. Bill fertilized, and I have been watering.

The previous residents used this spot to park, and there is a little bermuda grass there, but I will most likely need to get a few pallets of St. Augustine next spring. We'll see how it all goes this summer. As you can see there is no shade on this side. I did get a few plants put in the beds.
Once they mature a little, it will look nice. You can see a little St. Augustine near the flower bed where I have been watering.

The beds in the back yard are great since Bill tilled them up and worked in some topsoil. I didn't have that much to plant though, so I put some tomato plants in there.

My Mother's Day gift to myself was some tomato cages to protect the plants.

The two plants on the right are bell peppers. 

After working on the yard, I went in and quilted some on the QOV quilt. I need to get it finished as someone is bringing me a graduation quilt that is a rush job. 

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